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    FLOWMORE has an exclusive range of Vertical Propeller pumps primarily designed for large capacity, moderate head pumping service in either Axial Flow or mixed flow types.

    Capacities up to 30,000M3/hr Heads up to 40 Mtrs in 200 mm to 1800 mm Discharges sizes

    DISCHARGE COLUMN : The heavy sheet steel discharge columns support the pump bowls and serves as a discharge line.
      PROPELLER : The propeller is secured firmly to the shaft by means of a key and locking collar. A sand collar prevents the entrance of sand and grit. Features a most desirable combination of proper aerofoil design, correct balance and smooth finish. Gives excellent performance. Available in stainless steel Bronze, cast-iron, alloys and other material commercially available.
      SUCTION BOWL: Designed with a wide belled suction opening to permit unimpeded water entrance at low velocities, suction bowl is provided with streamlined entrance guide vanes.
      SUCTION STRAINER : Foreign materials are prevented from entering the pump by a heavy galvanized strainer. It is rigidly constructed for long life.
      PROPELLER SHAFT : The stainless steel propeller shaft is designed with extra length to ensure permanent shaft alignment Properly engineered water lubricated rubber bearings are provided in the pump bowls.
      LINE-SHAFT : A specially chosen alloy steel having high torsional strength is used for manufacturing of line-shaft. Correct rotation of the shaft and propeller is assured at all times. Line shaft can be provided in open or enclosed onstruction.
      DISCHARGE ELBOWS : The discharge elbow is made of heavy sheet steel with wide sections, designed for higher efficiency.
      NON-REVERSE-RATCHET : The unit normally incorporates a non-reverse-ratchet assembly. This feature is a positive assurance that the shaft does not unscrew by accidental phase reversal, and avoids undue stress caused by motor starting at time of reverse rotation due to receding water column.
    DRIVER : Vertical propeller Pumps may be arranged for electric motor, (either solid or hollow shaft). Diesel or gasoline engines may also be an alternative through suitable right angle-gear or belt drives.
    SHAFT TUBE(for enclosed Line shaft only) : Steel shaft tube enclose the line shaft from the top of the pump bowl through the base-plate. It is held rigidly in position by shaft tube tension nut which bears against the upper surface of the base-plate. A shaft tube cap is tapped for lubricating oil connection. Properly spaced guide bearings within the shaft tube ensure smooth and vibrationless operation.
    COLUMN BEARING : Water lubricated rubber bearings have been an outstanding feature of FLOWMORE Pumps for half-a-century. FLOWMORE engineered bearings assure smooth operation, long life, and enduring economy.
    PROPELLER SHAFT : The stainless steel propeller shaft is designed with extra length to ensure permanent shaft alignment Properly engineered water lubricated rubber bearings are provided in the pump bowls.
    PACKING BOX: The packing-box is readily accessible at the surface for re-packing and servicing
    LUBRICATION : Although standard construction includes water lubricated rubber bearings, metal bearings with oil lubrication in enclosed line shaft design can also be provided.The upper pump bearing and all the line-shaft bearings receive lubricant from Solenoid oiler provided for automatic lubrication. Oil enters the top of the shaft tube and flows downwards by gravity, lubricating all bearings. Grease lubricated lower pump bearing is packed with enough lubricant for a long period of operation.
    LINE-SHAFT BEARING : For enclosed line shaft design,generous bearings of high quality bronze are enclosed with-in the
    shaft tube to hold the line-shaft in its proper vertical position. This design feature minimizes possibilities of shaft whip
    and vibration.

              • Surface or below ground discharge
              • Oil or water lubricated drive shafts
              • Enclosed or open underground elbows
              • Regular, Bronze or stainless steel fitted impeller and other option.
                • Pull-out or non pull out construction
                • Horizontal configuration


      Column pipes, Enclosing Tubes, Discharge Head, Discharge Elbow, Motor Stool, Sole Plate: MS, CI,SS304,SS316,SS316L,DUPLEX
      Shaft-Bearings: Cutless rubber, Neoprene, Thordon / EQVILET, Bronze, DEVCO,ORKOT
      Thrust Bearing: Antifriction Ball/Roller type or Tilting pad type
      Shaft seal:Gland packing, Mech. Seals
      Base plate: MS, CI,SS304,SS316,SS316L,DUPLEX
      Couplings: CI, Cast steel SS410,SS304,SS316,SS316L,DUPLEX SS
      Materials of construction can also be given for any other specific requirement of a client.

                • Land drainage
                • Flood control
                • Circulating service for Industry
                • Dewatering
                • Lift Irrigation
                • Cooling tower circulating
                • Syphon drainage
                • Impounding